Blouse Stitching Service Online

Blouse Stitching Service Online

Blouse Stitching Service Online

Step 1:
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Present available Services:
1. Saree Blouse Stitching
2. Saree Fal Pico
3. Tassels (Knots)

Prices for Stitching Services:
Tassels (Knots)  :Rs.150 ( Normal and Simple Knots)
Fall and Pico       :Rs.200
Petti Coat             :Rs.300
Blouse Stitching :Rs.1000 ( Normal and Simple Blouse)
Normal Lehenga:Rs.2000
Stiff Lehenga       :Rs.2500

Following measurements required for Blouse Stitching:

A. Blouse Length
B. Chest/Bust (All Around)
C. Waist/Below Bust ( All Around)
D. Shoulder
E. Armhole ( All Around)
F. Sleeve Length
G. Sleeve Circumference ( All Around)

Front Side Blouse:

H. Front Neck Depth
I. Shoulder To Apex Point

Back Side of Blouse:

J.  Back Neck Depth

Neck Design:

Blouse Opening Side:

Add Lining in Sleeves:

Note: 1.Blouse Stitching takes 1 week time. 2.We have no own setup for blouse stitching etc... so we will give out side based on request. 3. if fitted not well we are not responsible.


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